Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today, on October 29th, the fine city of Philadelphia was graced with it's first snow fall. And all I have to say is....what the F%$&*@k?!

There's pretty much only one acceptable time of year for snow. That is, between December 1st and January 1st. Anytime before or after that is about as cool as Bank of America's new debit card fees.

Though I couldn't actually capture the snow falling on the camera, you can see those tiny suckers sticking to the cars
Those two things do NOT belong together (source)

In addition to leaving my mood sour, snowy weather also has other effects:

Snow Chlo ready to go in her puff coat
Seriously, it's not even a vanity thing. She has no body fat so she has to be wrapped up. It wins cute points too though :)

Luckily I did not have much planned for today other than working on a take home midterm, but I also wanted to get in a swim at some point. You know what's awesome? Biking through the sleet and snow to the gym. Tiny icicles stabbing me in the face! Ahh!

After a slow, slushy ride home
My near blind ride there and back ended up being worth it since I was able to crush out 1600 meters. For the rest of the evening I think we're going to play it cool and do a little of this:

Pup fest on the couch with movies
Hopefully all of this snowy silliness will be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow!


  1. Chloe in her puffy jacket is my life. I can't wait to see you guys in three weeks! Marathon season baby!

  2. Ack! Snow already??!

    Well, at least your pup looks super cute!


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