Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Weekend of Successes

If you visited me last weekend, you know it was pretty much the exact opposite of success. Among last weekend's failures was my inability to complete my 16 mile long run on Saturday. It was pretty disappointing considering it was my first week of 50-miler training. This weekend, however, I got major redemption points and completed my weekly mileage with flying colors!

I'm notorious for never following through with my intentions to get up early on the weekend and get my long runs out of the way. I usually end up snoozing my alarm three times until I drag myself out of bed at 9 am and finally get out the door by 10. This is a problem for many reasons. Between the time actually spent running and my decompression time when I get back I pretty much forfeit the entire day. Bummer. 

But, in an amazing feat that will go down in the history books (!!), I actually work up at 6 am on Saturday and was out the door by 6:30. A little under 2 hours and 12 miles later, I returned home. What a great feeling it was to be done by 8:30 am!

It made me really want to commit to super early long runs from now on. It all comes down to math really: If I force myself to get up and run I'll only regret it for 15 minutes, during which I'll dream about being able to curl back into bed. But, if I sleep in and have to worry about fitting in my run later, I'll regret it all day. The answer is obvious.

After my run Mike and I drove to Long Island to visit my Dad for the night for Christmas. It was a nice time. Food, drinks, laughs, movies, and super awesome New York bagels Sunday morning:


We got back to Philly by noon and, even though I really didn't feel like running, I again forced myself out. I finished my 10 miles, thus completing my first full week of 50-miler training AND my first (of many) back-to-back double digit weekend long runs. SUCCESS!

Success dance

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So, tell me, what part of your weekend was a success?


  1. Wow! That's a crap ton of long runs- good for you! And I'm jealous of that bagel, I LOVE NY bagels....


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