Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shoe-minations: Brooks Pure Grit

At the beginning of this month I received a long awaited special delivery: my new Brooks Pure Grit!

I had been interested in trying these shoes since I purchased the Pure Flows back in November. I was immediately in love with the Flows, and after trying theGrits on in store they seemed to have a similar construction.

Two major features of the Flows and Grits that I love:

1. A wide toe box for my monstrously wide feet
2. Decent cushioning while maintaining a minimalist profile

When I'm running in my Flows I feel like I'm floating on air and I had hoped the Grits would offer the same feeling for trail running.

I now have a little over 40 miles on the Grits and have taken them on some decent trails, including this past weekend's 50k.

As you can see, it was a muddy, muddy mess. Mess aside though, the shoes held up remarkably well. Much of the water drained out of my shoes almost as quickly as it seeped in. I did almost lose them a couple of times in the mud, but I think that was more of the mud's fault. I didn't get any blisters or chafing. Because of the generous cushioning, the bottoms of my feet didn't ache when I ran over rocks. This was a welcome experience after running over rocks in my Minimus Trails, which had the oposite effect.

I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to restore them after the race, but 10 minutes in the tub and they were good as new.

I did notice while cleaning them that there is already a tear in the right shoes near the laces. Considering the trails I was on weren't the most technical, I am a little disappointed that they have torn already, but I did trip over a sharp rock at one point, so perhaps that was the culprit.

Overall I am surpremely happy with these shoes. The only real downside to them, and to all of the Pure Project line, is that they are only good for 250-300 miles instead of the usual 350-400. I didn't realize that when I purchased the Flows, but now that I know I am starting to see that they are losing their cushioning at a little over 250 miles. The only reason this lower mileage is a negative thing is because it's my bank account that will suffer as I have to buy new ones more often.

 Still, for me, they're worth every penny!!

What trail shoes do you run in? Have you tried the Pure Project line?

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  1. I just ordered (and am very impatiently waiting for) the Brooks Pure Cadence. They are so pretty! Can't wait to try them!


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