Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweat Or Die: DC Edition

The beginning of this week was really tough on me. I didn't work out for four days and felt like absolute crap. After avoiding a phone call with my mom for over two weeks because I didn't want to burst into tears, I finally called her and, well, I burst into tears anyway, but she always makes me feel better! I realized I needed to see her ASAP and decided to make an impromptu trip down to DC this weekend.

I gotta say, after we made the decision to go the rest of my week was so much better because I was looking forward to it. It also helped that I got my butt back in gear and went to spin three days in a row.

Saturday morning in DC I headed to a hot Vinyasa class. I haven't done yoga in a really long time, at least a year or more. There was a time when I would go four or five days a week, but that was pre-running. I don't care for it much anymore, but I knew it would be good for me and my shitty shin, so I sucked it up!

The class was filled wall-to-wall. I felt nauseous a couple of times, but the instructor ensured me that that was normal (umm sure). I have not sweat buckets like that in a seriously long time. I don't think I even sweat that much running in the 100 degree heat last summer. The cool breeze felt fantastic on the walk home.

The shirt was light grey when before class
After yoga my Mom and I spent the afternoon shopping and picked up some goodies from Lulu. I also finally got my hands on some KT Tape.

There are tons of You Tube videos about how to tape up shin splints. I followed the method that the instruction booklet that came with the box told me. So far it feels really good and I'm not having as much pain with the tape on.

For dinner we picked up SweetGreen, an absolute must when I'm down in DC. 

I'm so glad we made the trip down. I feel much better after some quality mommy-daughter time and my doctor's appointment is tomorrow! Finally!


  1. moms make everything better! hope the doctors appt helps and things get better ASAP!

  2. I love yoga, but have never wanted to try hot yoga... Florida is hot enough. ;)


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