Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Welcome to my random amalgamation of things that make me jump with joy!

4 Mile Morning
This morning I woke up early, laced up my running shoes, and ran before work. Not only was it a magical four miles on it's own, but it was my longest run in 8 weeks and  my first early morning run in at least 9. I forgot how much I love running when the rest of the world is still asleep. I even got Mike out of bed to come enjoy it with me.

No better way to wake up than with a run along the river
The PT has instructed me to take two more days rest before my next run, but starting Monday I can begin running every other day if it feels okay! OH JOY!!

Mike's Birthday
Tomorrow Mike celebrates his 29th birthday! I am taking him to a rock climbing gym, which he has been begging me to do forever, and then we are going to Fogo de Chao for dinner, another thing on his bucket list.

Happy Birthday Bubs!
We're Moving!
Our lease is not up until September, but we have been slowly growing out of our one bedroom apartment over the past two years. Luckily we have an awesome landlord and she agreed to let us move out June 1st. That is not only going to be moving weekend, but also conveniently the weekend I would have run The North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50-Miler. I will be sad to miss it, but at least I will have moving to keep me busy. I'm super stoked to get a bigger place, maybe even our own house. I'm ready for a change!

Countdown to Caitlin
My sister has been studying abroad in Senegal since January, but it's now officially less than a month until she comes home. I've missed her so much and I can't wait to see her (and celebrate her belated 21st birthday)!

The Long Course
This past Monday I headed to the pool after work and when I got there I realized they had the long course set up, so that a length was 50 meters instead of just 25.

The barrier in the center comes down on Mondays
I was a little nervous about not having enough endurance to get through my workout (and possibly choking on a gallon of pool water and embarrassing myself in front of the Penn Varsity swim team practicing a few lanes over), but it was a success! I actually really enjoyed the long course. I think I'll make an effort to get to the pool more on Mondays now that I've tested it out.

A Blogger Meet Up?
I feel like I always read about bloggers in other cities doing meet ups with other locals and to be honest it sounds like a blast!

Would any Philly bloggers be interested in a meet up? Has one been done before? Group run? Drinks? Both?!


  1. I'm down for a Philly blogger meet-up! I haven't met many other Philly bloggers and would love to! I love a run, but I'm not against drinks, too!

  2. I totally agree that early morning runs are the best...too bad I usually can't get up early enough ;-)

    Oh, and I LOVE it when the pool is set up for long course. At first I hated it because the flip turns are my rest, but then I realized that I was swimming farther on days it was set up for 50 instead of 25 yards.

    I enjoy reading your blog, glad I ran across it!!!

  3. I didn't realize you mentioned me in your blog! I am honored. Also, you have NO idea how much I'm counting down...let's see...23 days now?? I cannot wait!


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