Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

Again I've been a little MIA this week. Apologies. I've had my nose in a Middle Egyptian dictionary all week and had a four hour final on Thursday. It reminded me of the SATs, except instead of English, I was looking at hieroglyphs for 240 minutes. Needless to say my brain and body are still exhausted. Hello graduate school!

Getting to the point though, here are some things that have been knocking my socks off lately:

Darrell Lea Liquorice
I love candy, but I've never been a huge fan of liquorice. Never, that is, until my neighborhood stores started carrying Darrell Lea Liquorice from Australia. It's just about the best damn thing I've ever eaten. I think I like it better than chocolate (sacriledge!).

Oh, what's that? You never heard of mango liquorice? It will change your life.

Physical Therapy
Next week is my last PT session since the doc only gave me a six week script when I went in for my shin splints. Not only do I really, genuinely love my therapist, but everything she's taught me has been so invaluable. I am, after all, running again, and I 90% chalk it up to PT.

Foam Rolling
Call me crazy, but I've really come to love foam rolling. The PT has been having me do it every night and I'm kind of addicted now. Funny thing - when you foam roll every night, things hurt a lot less. Who knew!?

If you're curious, I use this foam roller and it's freaking awesome (not pictures above).

I signed up for a four week intro class at my gym two weeks ago. So far I'm really digging it. It's like yoga, except the core focus is greater and it's a lot more fast paced. I think I will keep it up and start taking some Mixed Mat classes after the intro period is over. I do, after all, have a wedding to get ready for. Maybe we can all be Pilates-happy like Miley Cyrus one day.

Looking good Miley...except that unibrow. Get some new glasses girl.

Future Prospects
I'm a long term kind of thinker. So, with my master's program probably ending in the next 1.5-2 years, I'm already thinking about the never step. I would really like to get my Ph.D, but my field is extremely small and extremely competitive. Frankly, it can be downright depressing to think about trying to get into a program.
After getting through year one of my master's, however, and realizing that I'm actually not half bad at deciphering dead languages, I have higher hopes for the future. I've even been thinking more about getting out to do some field work maybe next winter or summer. Who knows, maybe one day I will be Dr. Kristin!

I want to go to there
 What are some of your favorite things lately?


  1. That liquorace sounds really good! And, four hour!

  2. I love foam rolling too! Except that it hurts me. So much. Those darn weak hips and IT band, zero. fun. sir.

    1. Weak hips were a huge problem of mine and it's what I focused on during PT. My IT band used to KILL everytime I foam rolled, which is why I avoided it, but now doing it every night just for 5 minutes it's much better!

  3. That is my favorite licorice! Soooo delicious!

  4. Favorite things:
    wild Magnolia blossoms (it's magnolia season here)
    Chateau St. Michelle merlot
    higher education*

    *Seriously - I'm not making that last one up. I was just talking with Hubby this week about maybe (very tentatively maybe) going back to school... again... Yes, I teach part time now. But I miss being a student, sometimes, too.

    1. Haha doesn't it always happen like that? You go to school and you long to just work. You work and you long to go to school!


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