Monday, May 28, 2012

Diversifying My Portfolio

There was a time when I the only exercising I did was running. In fact my first year as a runner that's all I did. Then, last October, I was sidelined with shin splints for about 10 days. (PS. I can't I thought 10 days was bad!). I freaked out, finally joined a gym, and got my butt to spin class and the pool like it was my job.

Then I got better and I forgot about cross training until February when I was forced to deal with what became six full weeks on the injured runners bench. After a few weeks I started to enjoy my 6:30 am spin class and I had mastered the art of fitting in 1000 m swim during my lunch hour (including a shower and hair dry I might add). Then about a month ago I started to add Pilates and then Xtend Barre to get a bit more core work in. Lastly, a week ago we moved out of Center City, which introduced me to a new bike commute to work.

Dear Bike, I love you, but this commute is rough!
All that brings me to the past seven days, when it all came together and turned into a massive, sweat overdosed week. It looked something like this:

Monday: Sick/Rest

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run, 16.5 mile bike commute RT, 45 min Pilates

Wednesday: 6 mile run, 17 mile bike commute RT, 60 min Xtend Barre

Thursday: 6.5 mile run, 16.5 mile bike commute RT, 45 min Pilates

Friday: 16.5 mile bike commute RT, 1000 m swim

Saturday: 8 mile run, 60 min Xtend Barre

Sunday: 11 mile trail run

Monday/Today: REST!!!!!!!!

We capped off Sunday's trail run with a trip up the 100 Steps

If you weren't keeping track of the mileage, that there adds up to about 102 miles traveled by either running or cycling last week. And while that is super awesome (even though I wish it were 100 miles just running!), it also means I was super tired until, well, today actually. I can't tell you how excited my legs (and rear end) were to not be on a bike over the three-day weekend. Even without cycling to work it was a full week of exercising, but the addition of that commute for four consecutive days really tested my body.

The goods news is that I do feel rested and ready to tackle the commute again tomorrow. Sure, I could run less miles, or not go to Pilates or swim, but the truth is that I love doing all of those things, and while I have the energy and the time, I don't intend to cut back. It will probably take another week or two to get accustomed to, however. One thing is for sure - my body is getting a nice well-rounded workout!

Do you commute to work by bike? Do you ever feel a little overloaded by your exercise schedule?


  1. Holy crap woman what a week! I need to follow in your footsteps and get a little crosstraining in. Or maybe just walk up 100 or so steps like that, yikes!

  2. Wow, you definitely deserved the rest day, that's a jam-packed week! I sometimes try to pack too much in but seem to function better that way for some reason...until I burn out and then start all over again!

  3. Well rounded, indeed!

    I have never cycled to work, but - before I started telecommuting - I used to walk (2 miles, one way) every day.

    Every once in awhile I'd be exhausted, call the walk my "exercise for the day," and eat nachos for dinner instead of going for a run. But that was rare. I like being outdoors as much as possible, so even when I was "tired" after a long day at the office the walk home perked me up. :)


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