Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites

I am really digging these Friday Favorites. It's like I can just take all of my random thoughts and crap and put them into one post. Nice!

Birthday Presents
Some birthday presents come in boxes. Others come on the two o'clock bus from New York City.

My sister has been in Africa for the past four months and I haven't seen her since Christmas. So, so excited to see her tonight!

Lana Del Ray
Has been playing non-stop on my iPhone all week. Love, love, love.

Xtend Barre
Two weeks ago the woman at my Pilates studio mentioned an upcoming deal on Living Social: 10 Xtend Barre classes for $90 (instead of the usual $199!). Since it's pilates-based I figured it would be enjoyable or, at the least, give me a rocking workout even if I hated every minute of it.

One Xtend Barre class knocked me out more than any 20 mile run every has. Who knew one pound weights could make your arms want to fall off! Some parts definitely felt torturous, but I couldn't help but love how sore I was the next day. Definitely worth a try.

Baggu Daypack (or Baggu anything)
I've been buying Baggu since the first came out however many years ago, back when they only had five or six color. Now they have a lot more options including some adorable prints. If you are someone who tried to live green, you will love Baggus. The fold up easy, can be machine washed, and are pretty responibly priced as well.

Baggu Bag

I love them so much I decided to sample one of their newer products, the Daypack, for quick bike commutes to work, or maybe when I go to the beach.

Yummy Trader Joe's Finds
Like these:

Oh sweet brussels sprouts, you are delicious in every form
And these:

And then you can add quinoa, zucchini, tomatoes, and a dash of pepper and get this:

What is one of your favorite things lately? Do you use reusable bags like Baggus?


  1. Happy birthday!

    (PS - I'm jealous of your access to Trader Joe's. It was one of the hardest things to give up when I moved from CA to FL!)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'll have go check out those shaved brussel sprouts the next time I'm at TJ's; they look delish!


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