Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012 in Review

This month was so crazy that blogging had to take a back seat. What didn't take a back seat, however, was running! Yayyy.

Brussels Sprouts didn't take a back seat either. I think I ate them almost every day this month!

Mileage Recap

A year ago - May 2011: 96.99
This year -
January: 181.21
February: 86.84
March: 6
April: 89.59
May: 128.43

Cross Training Recap

117.35 miles road cycling
4000 m swam
2 spin classes
6 Pilates classes
6 Xtend Barre classes

What went well

All in all May was a pretty fantastic month. I felt great at my first big-ish comeback race since injury.
I solidified my fall race plans. I got through moving day and enjoyed some new routes. And I'm even starting to get a little more accustomed to my new commute!

What didn't go well

I would say that I'm still a little frustrated at my pace of my runs. They are slower than ever. I know that speed doesn't need to play a huge part in things, especially since I'm into ultras, but it would be nice to feel a little quicker sometimes!

June 2012 goals

With the Lone Ranger almost six weeks away it's time to get busy with the long runs (or as busy as I can without re-injuring myself). This means back-to-back long runs are in full swing. For the past month I've run 10 miles every Sunday and slowly started to add single digit miles on Saturdays. This weekend I hope to get in double digits both days and just continue on from there. At some point (err...possibly wedding weekend unfortunately), I need to get in a 20 mile/10 mile back-to-back.

Other things happening:

1) Finish all my wedding things
2) Prep for honeymoon
3) Get married on June 17th!
4) Enjoy my two weeks vacation!

Do you have a big summer race coming up?

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  1. Great May! Sounds like June is going to be jam-packed...but lots of fun!!


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