Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello! Last week was absolutely crazy between work and getting ready to move so the blog had to take a backseat.

Saturday was moving day, but before I could even think about starting that, I wanted to take one last run through the neighborhood. I even broke out a new pair of shoes for the occassion (review coming soon!).

It could not have been a more perfect run. Cool, crisp air. Slight breeze, Hardly anyone out (seriously though, who is out at 5:30 am on Saturday except crazy runners?). My time living downtown definitely ended on a good note!

Sadly though I had to trade that blissful experience for one that was not quite as lovely - the actual moving! Moving is always stressful. Even the dogs were stressed out.

It took forever to load the truck up, but pretty soon, with the assistance of three amazing friends, everything was in the new house. 

We ended the day strolling around our new neighborhood and avoiding the inevitable unpacking process.

View from our new neighborhood

And I wondered why it was called Pretzel Park!?
There were also delicious smoothies to be had.

The real fun started the next day though. In a previous post I mentioned why exactly I was so excited to move to this specific place and Sunday morning I made it happen! Despite the stacks of boxes and disassembled furniture and not knowing exactly where my deoderant or a clean pair of socks was, there was only one thing I wanted to do: RUN.

So weird to see trees instead of skyscrapers
After only a mile of weaving through the neighborhood streets we came up this amazing, beautiful, knock your socks off trail. Hello new running routes!!!

I was seriously in heaven the whole time. It's amazing that this exists in the middle of Philadelphia.

The last time I was on this trail was actually right before my injury and I specifically remember that on that day my shin first started hurting. But I kept pushing, kept running and ended up losing months of training and lots of races. To say I was nervous to go back is an understatement. But good news: no pain at all! The trail is officially superstition-free!

Mini-break by the Wissahickon Creek
When we returned from our run we decided that even more important than unpacking was feeding our hungry bellies. A major plus of having a house instead of an apartment is the likelihood of outdoor space.

It may not be a yard, but it's big enough to grill!
You really can't beat barbequed chicken.

Now to the unpacking!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous place to run an backyard BBQ (even if there is no real backyard) are wonderful!! Enjoy!

  2. Congrats on your new home! Those trails look wonderful. :)


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