Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The New Death Part

Any runner will tell you that running is not only physical, but largely mental as well. Whether your racing or just on a training run, finding the mental strength to push through can be tough.

In my day to day running I find that the greatest mental problem I encounter is boredom. Specifically route boredom. Some routes I fall in love with and could run over and over. Others I dread running, which brings me to the topic of today's post.

When we lived in Center City there was as stretch of road on West River Drive that I so labeled the "Death Part" because I found it so impossibly boring that no music or company could quell my hatred of it. Basically, I felt like dying every time I ran on it, even in races. deathy
It's just a boring sidewalk next to a road and bland wall. There are no trees, which means nothing pretty to look at AND no shade (which means I would inevitably end up running there on the hottest, sunniest day of the year without a hat). I avoided this area as much as I could, but I would occassionally end up running through it in order to get to the nice, beautiful, tree-lined part of West River Drive and not have to take the long way around.

When we moved out of Center City I was super happy to say goodbye to that horrible stretch of road. Now I can get to the nice part of West River without having to cut through there. Unfortunately, there is a new not-quite-as-deathy-but-pretty-deathy death part, and this time I can't avoid it as much. There are only two ways I can get to the river path from my house and I'm getting pretty sick of both of them.

Courtesy of Google Maps: The New Death Part. At least this one has trees
Every time I run here it seems endless, yet it's only a half mile stretch. I tell myself every time that it's only 5 minutes or less of agony. No big deal. But I still hate it and dread it. Every. Single. Time. Unfortunately, unless I want to stop running the river path completely, looks like I'm stuck with it.

Is there one stretch of road that you can't stand in your neighborhood? What mental tricks do you use to get through it?


  1. Haha, I totally know that stretch on West River. I just always try make that part the beginning of my run so I still am eager during it. I also like to run on the road when it's closed off so it feels less awful.

    1. I actually avoid running in the road at all costs because it tilts so severly that I feel so off balance. Worst road ever! Haha

  2. It's good mental training through, right? I have one particular hill that I hate. I can avoid and sometimes I'll run all around it during long runs before getting to the mental place where I can run up it!


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