Monday, September 24, 2012

JFK Training: Week 12

Another really good week in the books! Two good weeks in a row is an anomaly, but I'm trying to make it the new pattern. I keep thinking something bad is going to happen to screw it up. 

Monday 9/17: 

15.65 mile bike

After four days off my bike and being sick I was ready to get back to the routine. Monday rides to work always feel so easy (in comparison to Fridays, when I hate biking and I feel like I'm going to die on every little incline). 

Tuesday 9/18:

7.28 mile run

Hello humidity! Umm, I thought 98% humidity at 5 am was behind us, no? I guess not. This run sucked, but hey, they can't all be rockstars. It ended up pouring most of the day so I opted not to bike to work. Turned out to be a great idea because it was storm central right around 5 pm.

Wednesday 9/19: 

6.5 mile run AM
15.65 mile bike
5.89 mile run PM

I love, love, love my double runs! Also love? Eggs for dinner once a week. Don't hold the Sriracha. 

Thursday 9/20: 

5.05 mile run

After work on Thursday I got in one last short run before Ragnar. I knew I wasn't slated for my first leg until Friday evening, so I was guaranteed 24 hours of rest in between. 

Friday 9/21:

9.4 mile run (leg 1)

I will do a full Ragnar recap later this week. We headed to the start line Thursday night because it was a four hour drive and camped out. 

Woke up to this Friday morning

Saturday 9/22:

18.7 mile run AM (leg 2 & 3)
3.7 mile run PM (leg 4)

Second Ragnar complete!

Sunday 9/23:

5.79 mile run

Last year after Ragnar I was so sore I couldn't move for two days. So I was completely surprised when I headed out for a run on Sunday afternoon and felt no cramping or fatigue at all. What a difference a year makes!

Week 12 Totals:

 62.31 miles running
 31.3 miles biking

This week marks a mileage milestone for me. The most I've ever run in a week prior to this was 61.xx miles (and that was accidental and included make up miles from the week before). I'm excited to push a little further this week and then take a much needed cutback week!


  1. Nice! So excited to read the full Ragnar recap :-)

  2. Cant wait to hear about Ragnar!
    Curious, what is it about doubles that you like so much?! I have never been successful with them but I think its because I work nights...or maybe I just dont want to shower twice in one day ;-)

    1. I guess I just love starting and ending my day with running :) Sometimes the day of it stresses me out to get the miles in, but it's always worth it!

  3. Holy mileage! As I'm trying to increase my own weekly mileage it's certainly encouraging to read that you've been able to do so much without soreness on recovery runs. Keep at it!


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