Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Ragnar!

Today is happily my Friday because tomorrow I am taking off work to run in the DC Ragnar Relay. Last year I joined a team for the inaugural PA event (initial recap here) and had an absolute blast.

Who knew sweaty vans with strangers could be so much fun
This year Mike and I decided to start our own team and run the DC race. Since the starting line is four hours away we will be leaving tonight, camping out nearby, and will be ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning!

I'm excited about this relay for a couple of reasons:

1) Last year Mike signed up to run, but was injured and ended up being our driver instead. This time he is actually running and I am so excited for him to participate!

2) We are running with two members from last year's team, but everyone else is a stranger. Events like this make me realize how much I like getting to know people I've never met before.

3) New running routes! Enough said.

4) The race ends in DC near my mom's house so she is joining us at the finish line. Its been a month since I've seen her, which is wayyyy too long.

5) After last year's relay I distinctly remember waking up Sunday morning and cursing the fact that I did not take Monday off of work. This time around I made sure to put in my vacation time, so yay for four day weekends!

Mileage-wise, I am runner #11, which is slated for 22.2 miles. My friend Sally, who was captain of my team last year, will pace me through my nighttime 9 something miles and then I plan to pace her for her 9 something miles immediately afterwards. We had back-to-back legs last year, did the thing, and ended up running 13 some miles at 2 am. This year we should end up running closer to 18/19 miles in the wee morning hours. All in all, I should come out with 32 or so miles for the event including pacing, which fits in perfectly with JFK training.

Now off I go to become a two time Ragnarian!


  1. Have a great time...didn't realize the MD/DC one was this weekend! :)

  2. I ran Ragnar PA last year as well! Our team deliberated changing it up and going with DC, NY or Cape Cod for this year but stuck with PA, which is getting closer and closer so I'm really excited. Have fun!

  3. Best of luck to you. We will doing the Colonial 200 next weekend in VA.

    Take water, it looks like Saturday might be warm. I ran the last leg two years ago, 9+ miles that year since Ragnar couldn't work out an exchange in Alexandria. Hard, hard, hard in mid-80's and no sleep. Wilson Bridge felt endless.


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