Monday, October 1, 2012

JFK Training: Week 13

This week marked the third week of a three week mileage build. Part of me feels great for working so hard, but the rest of me is just freaking tired! I'm ready for a cutback week!

Sophie is also ready for a cutback week. Less running around, more sleep
Monday 9/24:


I purposefully took Monday off this year after Ragnar because last year I remember cursing myself for going right back to work afterwards. I slept in a little bit (not nearly as much I should have as I would find out later in the week), read a bunch of articles for my class, watched some CSI, and basically sat on my ass the whole day. It was glorious. Exactly what a rest day should be.

Tuesday 9/25:

7.28 mile run
15.65 mile bike

Tuesday morning I was amped to run again. I had a wonderful, relatively-speedy-for-5am run along the river. It wasn't too humid so I got to rock some long sleeves, which I love.

Wednesday 9/26:

6 mile run
15.65 mile bike

When I woke up Wednesday morning something was off. Maybe it was the fact that I fell asleep at 8:30 pm the night before, slept through my run, woke up at 7 am, and still felt utterly exhausted. Umm delayed Ragnar exhaustion or what?!

Thursday 9/27:

5.08 mile run AM
6.06 mile run PM

By the time Thursday rolled around I couldn't believe I was still standing. I can't remember the last time I was so tired for such an extended number of days. I couldn't bear to get on my bike to work so I bused it, which is a good thing because I totally passed out for a few minutes on the ride. Still, got my running miles in, albeit slow and sleepily.

Friday 9/28:

5.71 mile run

I overslept again on Friday morning and had to wait until after work to do my run. I decided to bus it to work again. I did my run right after work around Center City. On my way back I remembered I didn't have to bike home and it was the best feeling ever.

Saturday 9/29:

10.84 mile run

I tried to let myself sleep in a little bit on Saturday because I was so exhausted. When I finally did wake up around 7:30 am, I realized I probably wouldn't have enough time to get the 25 miles I had planned done in time for Mike and I to go to the local food festival with some friends. So instead I decided to switch my weekend days and run 10 miles instead. I ran straight down the river path for what seemed like 5 miles and then just turned around. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I did almost 11 miles and got them done at a reasonable pace. The weather was crisp and cool and there were tons of people out including some partaking in a 5k on the path. It's really motivating to see that many people enjoying exercise and certainly made me run a little faster.

Afterwards we hit up the food festival and enjoyed some yummy food truck treats.

Sunday 9/30:

25.07 mile run

I struggled a lot with this run and I was dreading it all week. I've done one other training run this long, another 25-miler, back in August. But even though I dealt with DC humidity and had my left arm in a cast, I still had company for most of that run and it was in relatively new territory. This time around I was running on my own and the most creative, haven't-run-there-in-awhile course I could come up with included 15 miles on the bike path up to Valley Forge National Park followed by two 5-mile loops of the park.

It's a funny thing when you get yourself all worked up about long runs and end up having anxiety about them. I was terrified of being bored during the first 15 miles. To be honest, it was dreadfully boring. Even though I've only biked a good portion of it one time, the monotony of paved bike path, trees, and a factory every so often was killing brain cells. The thing is that I was dreading the run even while I was running. It's like I just couldn't accept the fact that I was already doing the run and shouldn't be afraid of it anymore. As if somehow 12 miles in I would suddenly want to quit even though I would almost be done with that section.

At Valley Forge
When I finally got up to Valley Forge I had new anxiety. This time about the hills. I've only run at Valley Forge one other time, a year and a half ago, for my first 10 mile run ever. I remember dying on the hills and needing to walk a lot. So, by the time I got there, after 15 miles on the bike path and feeling sore and tired, the thought of 10 miles of hills was hard to think about. Luckily I am in much better shape than a year and a half ago and on top of that I think my memory really overestimated the degree of the hills. My legs were terribly sore so I was going pretty slow, but overall the Valley Forge loops went well and didn't feel too horrible.

Pretty Valley Forge
I would be curious to know if I would have struggled as much with this run if I had just done it Saturday as originally planned and not run 11 miles the day before. I guess I will never know. This was my toughest training weekend yet. It was challenging and successful, but I'm left wondering whether I'm really cut out for 50 miles in seven weeks. I felt pretty sore after 25 miles and don't think I could have gone much further. But who knows, I suppose a good taper will help!

25 miles done!
Week 13 Totals

66.04 miles running
31.3 miles biking

Now on to a much needed cutback week!


  1. I totally understand what you went through....I was in a similar spot a few weeks ago. Mentally and physically exhausted. You will get through it though, I promise. You're working so hard and want it and therefore you will get that 50 mile run in 7 weeks. I can't believe mine is this Saturday! The cutback week is def nice as will your taper be (sorry for the bad grammar lol). Just get your much needed sleep, ample nutrients, and fluids! I'm really trying to get 7-8 hrs of sleep bc that def seems to help. I hope this week feels better and congrats on powering through the 25 miler! It is def challenging when you're tired and alone.


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