Monday, October 29, 2012

JFK Training: Week 17

The last big week! Can't believe its actually over. I went into this week thinking I would shoot for about 25 miles during the weekdays because I knew I had a 50 mile weekend. It turned out to be a good call, because I was super lazy and barely made 25 anyway. If I had been expecting more out of myself I would have been very disappointed.

Monday 10/22:


After back-to-back 20s I was more than happy to take it easy. I made sure to eat as many bagels as possible to aid in faster recovery :)

Tuesday 10/23:

5.08 mile run
7.83 mile bike

I was happy to get on my bike Tuesday morning, but was also more than willing to take a ride home in the car with Mike. I waited until the evening to run to give myself that extra 12 hours of recovery time. My legs felt like I hadn't run in weeks. Score one for bouncing back!

Wednesday 10/24:

5.08 mile run
15.65 mile bike

Blah blah blah another 5 miles. Why is it so humid out?!

Thursday 10/25:

5.09 mile run AM
3.03 mile run PM

I ran 5 at lunch and only made out with 3 in the evening. My weakest double runs to date this training cycle. I just could not get the mental energy together this week.

Friday 10/26:

7.28 mile run
13.08 mile bike

I always end up pushing extra miles to Friday's run and I HATE it! I'm sure the last thing my body wants is a longer run on Friday right before a big mileage weekend, but since I just couldn't get it together earlier in the week I ended up with 7 miles on Friday morning.

After work Friday I rode downtown to my hair stylist's new salon. I would follow this woman anywhere. She is a rockstar. I was eager to chop a few inches off (who knows maybe it will make me run faster).

Saturday 10/27:

20.01 mile run

This was a weird weekend. Usually I start on Saturday feeling great and my body and mind slowly deteriorate so that Sunday's run is always less pleasant. This weekend I felt the opposite. I had no desire to run 20 miles on Saturday morning. Even though Mike and I had decided not to run FOTM on Sunday, that didn't mean I was getting a pass on my 30 miles. I think mentally knowing I still had to run 30 on Sunday made Saturday that much harder.

I had a route all planned out, but about 4 miles in I decided to scrap it and just make one up to give it some more spice. After what felt like forever I returned home to find that I only ran 15 miles. Color me pissed! I refueled and unhappily headed out for 5 more. Then I drowned my sorrows in cupcakes and tried not to think about Sunday.

Sunday 10/28:

30.07 mile run

Despite my craptastic Saturday run, I woke up feeling slightly more positive about Sunday's. Perhaps it was knowing that in 12 hours or less I would officially be tapering and the hard work would be done. It always helps when you have the finish line in sight, right?

In order to make 30 local miles more bearable Mike and I decided to journey to the new-to-us Pennypack Park about 30 minutes away. I was thrilled that Mike still wanted to run with me even though we wouldn't be racing and he ran a marathon two weeks ago. I freaking love that man.

A match made in heaven crazy town 
When we arrived at the park a half marathon was just beginning. We ended up running with them on the bike path for the first 6.5 miles. It was kind of nice to have others around, but I also felt like I was getting caught up with the "racing vibe." So NOT what my body needed considering my mileage expectations for the day. The run went much better than Saturday mentally and physically. Its a wonder what new scenery can do.

When I first mapped the run it was about 22 miles and then I knew I'd do the other 8 around my house afterwards. Everything was going according to plan until we neared the Delaware and found the gate on the bike path locked! I had no idea how many miles just got unintentionally cut out of our run, but I was not happy about it.

Well I guess that part is out. Thanks a lot Philadelphia park system!
By the time we got back to the car I was feeling pretty sore, but I felt confident that I only had another 9 or so miles to get through. Like a bad dream from Saturday, I returned home to find we had only run 19 miles. I was nearly in tears. I had no desire to run 11 more miles. Double digits seemed impossible. But I bucked up, refueled, mapped a new run, grabbed my music, and hit the road.

Amazingly, and in accordance with this weekend's ongoing trend, my last run was even better than the previous one. Maybe it was knowing that I was nearing the end. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it was the rain. Whatever it was, I felt pretty zen and my legs felt great until the last mile or two.

Week 17 Totals

75.64 miles running
36.56 miles biking

I'm thrilled to be closing out this training cycle with 75 mpw, numbers I honestly never thought I'd see. I had already planned to take Monday off of work to recover, but fate decided I should get two days off and sent a hurricane to cancel work and classes through Tuesday. 

Stay safe everyone and happy training! :)


  1. Completely blown away by your long runs! Way to go on following a plan

  2. I am amazed at your mental toughness getting through those runs. I don't know if I could have done 30 miles on my own, not in a race. I think the most I've ever done without a bib is maybe 23. You are awesome! I am freaking THRILLED it's taper time! I was planning to take today off, and since I have no intentions of running in a hurricane, looks like tomorrow will be off too!


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