Tuesday, November 27, 2012

High Word Count Not High Mileage

So I'm having some knee issues. Surprisingly (or fittingly) its not the knee I effed up at JFK and continued to run 40+ miles on. That knee feels great. It's the left knee. It's always the left. Silly weak left side.

Anyways, I had my first post-JFK run last Wednesday, four days out from the race. I ran 4 super slow miles (11+ minute miles for real son) and felt pretty good other than some fatigue in my legs. The next day, Thanksgiving, I set out to tackle 6 miles at no particular pace. The first 4.5 felt incredible. The last 1.5 I wanted to die. Both of my knees where screaming with sharp pains and it even hurt to walk around the rest of the day. On Friday I tried to run and made it half a block before turning around. On Sunday I felt better and I was having no problems walking so I tried to run again. I felt pretty good until mile 1.5 and then the discomfort started, which turned into more discomfort, which eventually turned into pain. FAIL.

Normally not being able to run irritates the shit out of me. My mood goes to crap. I start threatening in my head to quit my job and sit home and sulk. Luckily this is not my first time to injury ballpark. I think the first injury is always the worst. I was out for a full six weeks in the spring, gained a bunch of weight, got depressed, and overall was not a happy person to be around.

Obviously I hope that I'm not sitting out for 6 weeks this time, but if it ends up being one or two I can't get that upset about it because 1) I did just run 50 miles and should give myself a break and 2) "Luckily" for the next 14-15 days I have some other things that need attention. Things that really have not been getting attention due to JFK training. Those things would be homework. Specifically two 25 page papers, a 30 minute powerpoint presentation, and a final exam that needs studying for.

I take absolutely no pleasure knowing that I will definitely be spending at least the next 8 days of my life sitting in front of a computer working on these (goodbye weekend), but I'm treating it like an unwelcome 25 mile run: It will suck. It will feel like its taking forever. I will get frustrated and want to take a break. But I will do it.

Hopefully after all of thats over my body will feel fully recovered and allow me to start racking up the miles again. Until then its research, write, ice, stretch, roll, research, write, and repeat.


  1. Ugh - sorry to hear about your injury and being chained to your keyboard. I hope both end soon!

    (In the meantime... don't quit!) ;)

  2. GRRR I commented at work and my comment was eaten - but the jist was don't stress too much (even though I would be in your place) because 50 miles is a crazy thing to do and does crazy shit to your body. After Marine Corps last year my knee was way off for a few weeks (and that was ONLY 26.2 miles, ha!) and it went away. We are not even two weeks out from JFK so I think that's still in the realm of things are healing. Grad work completely sucks though. I hate it so much, and have nothing positive for you on that topic. Sorry!

  3. I am dealing with a left knee issue as well. I am not sure what to do about it. I am only running occasionally, which tears up my soul. I am mostly just doing work on the elliptical and trying not to go insane. I just want it to heal over time so I don't have to shut down entirely. I don't have the metabolism and patience to shut it down, and I am always worried I won't be able to start up again. What kind of pain are you feeling? Mine is really only when I get around 6 miles. It isn't the worst thing ever, but it is behind the knee cap mostly. The whole idea of having an injury depresses and scares me.

  4. I hope your knee starts to get back to normal soon!

  5. @Running Ginger - I have be abstaining from running all together this week, but I plan to go to the pool tomorrow and try a one mile test run on the treadmill. In the meantime I have been icing, taking anti-inflammatory, and doing lots of quad strengthening exercises. Having strong quads should alleviate the pressure off your knee (or so I've read). Good luck with it! Injury is definitely hard to deal with, but it makes you appreciate running so much more!


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