Thursday, November 15, 2012

JFK 50: Staring Down the Beast

The countdown to race day has finally arrived. I'm officially off the clock at work until Monday and only have JFK-thoughts on my mind.

I'm getting more and more excited about this race as the hours pass. You can usually assume that ultras are smaller and quieter than your average road race, but being that this is both one of the largest ultras in the U.S. (about 1,000 runners) and its the 50th anniversary, I think it's going to be pretty lively start to end.

Cool article in the Wash Post last week about the 50th anniversary!

I've been thinking about my goals for this race for a few months now. I'd love to tell you that my goal is just to finish. After all, as my first 50 miler, any finish time would be a PR. But unfortunately (for my legs) I'm a competitive nut job and I always have a time goal no matter what. So, in what is a pretty large spread since I really don't have any clue how 50 miles can play out, here are my goals:

A Goal: sub 10 hours (9:xx:xx)
B Goal: sub 11 hours (10:xx:xx)
C Goal: sub 12 hours (11:xx:xx)

No matter what I will be meeting my C goal or DNF-ing because the whole race cut off is 12 hours. That is definitely motivation to keep my ass moving. In terms of predicting a finish time, I've read a few different places that you can get a good finish time estimate by doubling your marathon time and adding two hours (similar to how you can double your half marathon time and add 20 minutes to estimate your marathon finish). This would actually put me closer to a 9:30:xx finish with my 3:46 marathon PR, but who knows what will happen out there!

For now, my packing list is done and executed, my grocery shopping is complete, and I've got Unbreakable, the Western States 100 documentary, cued in my DVD player tonight ready to reap motivation from. I don't feel nervous at all. Just excited. I trust my training. I trust myself. And if one thing is for damn certain, I sure as hell don't quit. See you at the finish line!


  1. Good luck on Saturday! I'll be running JFK too, with a sub-10 A-Goal! (like you, based on my marathon time (3:39) I "should"/could be done around 9:30). Maybe I'll run into you out there! (I'm bib 314). I wasn't nervous at all until about 3pm today--then it hit me all at once, "crap, I'm really running 50 miles in less than 2 days!" Saturday should be a blast, and looks like we'll have awesome weather!! All we have left to do is to trust in our training--and if things get really tough out there it'll all be worth it at the end of the day when we cross the line and have this year's gold medal placed around our neck and gain the pride in knowing we did something absolutely incredible :)

    1. I'm bib 437! Hopefully we can find each other at some point. See you out there! (PS. Is it just me or does the whole "gold" medal for the 50th anniversary instead of the pewter one just make you smile bigger or what? haha)

  2. Wow I really hate to say this because it sounds so trite and pathetic but this post really inspired me! God that was painful to type but seriously I didn't even know it was possible to not feel nervous for a 50 miler. Your excitement is getting me excited!

  3. I am in super excited mode too...doubt I'll be very productive at work tomorrow until it is time to go get my packet...still need to gather up all my crap...hope to see you at the start!!

  4. Good Luck ladies! It is sure to be a fun weekend!!
    Cant wait to hear all about it then.
    Run strong! Have fun!!


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