Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 in Review

Let me jump right in to proudly declare that I finally (finally!) hit 200 miles for the month! Woooooo!

And chose to celebrate by wearing the most obnoxiously mismatched outfit I could find

Mileage Recap

A year ago - July 2011: 151.95
January: 181.21
February: 86.84
March: 6
April: 89.59
May: 128.43
June: 137.72
July: 200.1

I have nearly hit 200 mi/month two times before, but I would inevitably injure myself (once for 10 days, once for 6+ weeks. Eek!). I'm committed to being healthy this time around so if I feel any aches or pains then it's break time. I'm pretty siked that I made it to 200 in only my first month of JFK training. Three more months of build to go!

Cross Training Recap

331.72 miles road cyling
1000 m swam
8 Pilates classes
3 Boxing classes
1 Xtend Barre class

What went well

This month I fell in love with the long run all over again. I had my first signifant distance runs (18 and 20) since February. For some reason I can't stand mid-distance runs of anything 10-16 miles. They make me want to hurl. But anything under or over that and I'm happy as a clam. Strange, no?

This month is the first training month I've ever done without an actual training plan. While the calendar-obsessed organization freak in me is still mourning, the rest of me is really agreeing with this decision. I throw ideas about weekly mileage together on Sunday night and if it works out, it works out. if it doesn't, it doesn't. Low stress.

I have been loving pilates. Like love, love. I'm thinking of getting certified as a mat instructor late this fall or early next spring. I got back to boxing as well and, despite a few split knuckles, my body is loving it.

What didn't go well

In general this month has been exhausting. Understandably so. I've been working out quite a bit and have hardly had a complete rest day. Going forward I'm going to try and remedy this. I might drive into work one day so I don't even have to get on my bike. Whatever the solution is, rest days are essential and can't be skipped!

And, yet another month when I didn't make it to the pool enough. I get lazy during my lunch hour and don't feel like moving. Try, try again next month.

August 2012 Goals

I have no races in August (at least not at the moment) so it's really going to be all about the continue build in training. Some more specific goals include:

- Get to the pool once a week
- Continue foam rolling every night
- Move into month 2 of JFK training with caution and take breaks when I need to
- Clean up my diet by removing most of the processed foods and refined sugars

Monday, July 30, 2012

Recipe for an Awesome Weekend

This weekend had a lot of awesome things going for it. Let's review shall we?

1) Awesome Long Runs

Last Saturday I felt like doing 20 miles. This Saturday I couldn't get the number 18 out of my head. So, around 7 am Saturday Mike and I headed out for 18 blissful miles through East Fairmount Park and Center City.

The route I mapped was essentially a tour of all my old favorite routes from when we lived downtown. Not only was it nice to revisit my old haunts, but we also found a new-to-me running trail in East Fairmount Park. The Boxers' Trail actually cuts back through the woods for a mile or so (mile 4-5ish on the map). It was such a delightful surprise to be on the city streets one minute and then on a wooded trail the next.

While we were fortunate enough to have cloud cover for most of the run that didn't stop the humidity from getting to us. I went through four handheld bottles of water and chugged two more bottles as soon we finished. I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life.

We ended our run in what I believe is the best place possible to end any run: at the bagel place.

Bagels and Kinvaras go so well together
Afterwards we caught a 20 minute train ride back to our neighborhood and said goodbye to Center City for now. This is the second run I've ever done as a "one-way" where I take the train back and I kind of dig it.

2) Awesome People

Sad thing: My sister's bike got stolen last week in NYC.

Happy thing: I offered to let her use my hybrid if she came to pick it up, hence she got to make an impromptu trip to Philly and we got to hang out for 24 hours.

Sparkling water is much more delicious when it comes in fancy wine glasses
Mike, Caitlin, and I headed out Sunday morning for a 10 mile trail run. My legs felt pretty good until the last mile or so, which I was happy with considering Saturday's long run.

I <3 you Yellow Trail

3) Awesome New Things

Friday after work I did something I've wanted to do for about a year: chopped half of my hair off! It hasn't been this short in maybe 12-15 years. To be honest I was terrified, but it turned out great and I feel like a whole new person. Plus, I didn't deal with any gross, tangled, sweat drenched pony tails on my runs.

One of the best things about having my sister around is that she always has great food ideas. I told her I was trying to cut down on desserts so she recommended making my own popcorn for an evening snack. Low and behold Trader Joe's just happened to have organic popping corn!

Mike and I made a 1/2 cup to split with some olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper on top. It was delicious and so freaking easy!

4) Awesome Entertainment

The Olympics are going on, have you heard? I don't really remember following the 2008 events in Beijing, but I am all over the London happenings.

Best part of the Opening Ceremonies:

I spent parts of Saturday and Sunday catching up on the events:

Like Vollmer's 100 m Butterfly WR
Or gymnastics anything
One of the best parts of the Olympics? Every single commercial has Olympians in it so that even when you're not watching the actual events you get pumped up and inspired watching these amazing people. Commercials should be like that all of the time!

Did you watch the Olympics? What was your favorite part so far?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wedding Post

Guess what arrived this weekend?? The wedding photos!!!!! All 1800 of them. Safe to say I spent half of my Saturday oogling at them. I'm so, so pleased at how they came out and I feel like I got to relive the whole wonderful day all over again.

Getting Ready

Wedding Choos!

My beautiful sister

First Look & Bridal Party

Mike and I opted to see each other before the ceremony in order to save ourselves from too many photos during cocktail hour.

Who's that handsome fellow?

I went with my instincts for the bridal party and picked black. Boring maybe, but I'm so happy I went with something I knew I wouldn't get tired with by the time the wedding rolled around. I think everyone looked pretty sharp!


We had a self-uniting ceremony, which means that we didn't need to have a priest or judge or any sort of official there to marry us. My aunt kindly agreed to be the "MC" and we wrote the entire ceremony ourselves from scratch. We picked out three readings that were special to us (The Romance by Shel Silverstein, the Apache Wedding Blessing, and selection from The Velveteen Rabbit) and also wrote our own vows. I was extremely nervous about my vows and I sobbed through the whole thing, but I would have totally regretted not doing them. Best decision ever.

I walked down the aisle to "Lovesong" by Adele. It had a little caribbean feel, which matched the perfectly sunny, cool weather

Cried like a baby through the whole thing

Groom's family
My family


We had our reception at the same location as the ceremony. It was a historic mansion that I fell in love with the moment I first saw it. The best part about the venue is that it was so beautiful that we didn't need to add a lot of details to make it special (which was a lot less stressful for me!)

I made the table numbers myself and I think they turned out pretty decent. Since most of our 100 guests came from DC or NY we decided to name the tables after popular Philadelphia streets. My aunt (the same one who was our ceremony MC) did all of the flowers. She is amazing!

The flower of the cake was meant to reflect the one on my dress and I picked square tiers to match my engagement ring, which is square as well.

For the actual dinner and dancing we moved into the Conservatory. It felt like we were playing Clue without the whole murder thing.

First dance to "La Vie en Rose" by Louis Armstrong (aka WALL-E, the best movie ever)

He asked for it...seriously he did
He got me back when he kissed me and rubbed his cake face all over my cheek. Touche sir.
We snuck out of the reception at sunset to grab some good photos

There are at least 10 photos of my hovering over the dessert table with this face. Don't mess with the bride's dessert!
Dance Party

I'm sure I'm a little biased, but this was seriously the best dance party I'd ever been too.

And the suit begins to unravel

I wish I could relive the day over and over again!